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Is scalping trading illegal An analysis Online Demat, Trading and Mutual Fund Investment in India

However, it is also fraught with risk and requires a lot of research to implement. Moreover, the crypto market is highly volatile, and you should only trade/invest how much you can afford to lose entirely. Another variation of the bid-ask strategy is arbitrage trading.


But first it is imperative that you understand the meaning of a scalper and its details before jumping to the indicators. However, it is also a risky strategy and calls for some important safety precautions, especially if you are new to scalp trading. The charts, numbers and figures you see when you’re crypto scalping are vastly different from when you’re just investing. The data needs to be transparent, updated and live for you to make decisions based on it. So, your data platform must be as reliable as possible to make the most when you’re crypto scalping.

Intraday Trading

The profit at one point went up to 35,000 or something, but by the time I got my order executed, it inverted. I will just have to time myself properly, let’s see how it goes. Right now, the market is coming closer and closer and closer. Customer retention is vital, and we ensure to provide value to the customer through our courses. We believe that the proper knowledge shared with the users will be a successful marketing option; it brings the potential audience to learn more about trading.


In the case of the latter you might have to adjust the tick chart to a different value than 70, because Volman relies on ProRealTime’s feed . Easy read from a down-to-earth, entertaining and very real person with real experiences and real challenges who gets into some psychology that will make you burst out laughing. Nothing really new here that you couldn’t have found out online for free. Okay I’ve read the first 80 pages carefully and I feel like I can make an accurate review, assuming the rest of the book maintains the same quality as the first 80 pages. Scalp Pro is a scalping tool that uses the MACD mechanism. MACD lines are smoothed using fibonacci numbers and pi numbers.

How Long Does it Take to Learn Trading?

It uses basic arithmetic, and shows traders the average price of the security they are trading in. It helps in identifying the market trend, whether upward or downward. It is calculated by adding the closing prices in the desired time frame, and then dividing the number by the number of periods. Margin trading refers to using a third party’s funds instead of your own to enhance potential gains. However, this is a risky strategy as it is tough to predict crypto price movements and borrowing funds to trade is always risky. Scalp traders using this technique usually set very tight stop losses to limit potential losses.

Since scalping is a form of high-speed trading, it demands discipline, decisiveness, and analytical prowess to be successful. The main difference between scalpers and other traders is in the timeframe they use. An average scalper may use the 5- and 15-minutes charts. But some others would use 1-minute or tick charts to trade. In nature, day trading is the closest to scalp trading. Like scalpers, day traders also make several trades during the day.

By “fixed stop” I mean your stop is always 10 ticks below your entry point. I am discretionary, electronic trader who trades in the crude oil market. Since the title and description of this book relates to how I scalp CL futures, I decided to get a copy to read and see how it compares to my methods. Will post an update to this review once I’ve gotten sufficiently far into the book to make some meaningful comments.

  • The profits are made in small amounts per trade from the pip movements.
  • By keeping the exposure to a minimum, the scalper works in a very safe environment.
  • Another variation of the bid-ask strategy is arbitrage trading.
  • It requires a good understanding of the market, a good trading speed, and an appetite for taking risks.
  • But first it is imperative that you understand the meaning of a scalper and its details before jumping to the indicators.

A scalper will use short timeframe, tick or one-minute charts to plan trades. It demands dedication, discipline, and speed to execute scalp deals. If you would rather take your time to find the right asset and make your decision with time, then you wouldn’t enjoy scalping. However, if you like speed and want immediate profit, scalping might suit your personality. While other trading styles like position trading, depends on fundamental and technical analysis to identify trades, scalp traders primarily focus on technical trading techniques.

This scalping strategy is very simple and easy to follow. As the name suggests, you’re only looking for small price movements in the 1-minute timeframe. Additionally, because scalpers hold their positions for such a short time, they must be very quick and agile in their execution. This can be difficult, especially for new traders who are still learning. Scalping is quite popular among the traders in India. We have a number of top brokers who are allowing traders to use scalp trading on their platforms.

Mind-Blowing Facts About Stock Market You Can’t Miss

What is a Debenture‘s execution is based on technical analysis tools like candlestick charts and MACD. If the trader consistently implements an exit strategy to limit losses and enjoy gains, the modest profits made with this method can grow. A majority of people find intraday trading intimidating. They often can’t figure out their style of trading that best benefits them.

Even though the exposure in intraday trades is much smaller than the swing trades, it is still there. But the beauty of scalping trades is that the trades are lasting for just a few minutes or a few seconds. Otherwise, if we come out too early, we don’t make that kind of a profit. If someone is getting in and out of a trade within a few seconds, how much money can they make? Well, here is where the scalper’s mindset is different from the mindset of regular traders. Scalpers understand very simple math that profit is equal to position size multiplied by the profit percentage.

The primary strength of scalp traders is their experience. Scalp traders utilise several timeframes and trading charts that are considered to be the shortest among all trading styles. A scalp trader can use timeframes of even five seconds or below to attain 10 to 100 trades in one single day. If you’re taking hundreds of trades in a day, you have to pay that much brokerage. Just because you’re taking more trades, you have to pay more charges. But as a scalper, you are not married to just a couple of setups.


Truthfully, I put down Al Brooks’ Reversals (last 75% of it) to jump to this one and then go back to Brooks’ extensive, exhaustive/exhausting/repetitive text. The first reviewer is right- this is a different angle on the easy version of Brooks’ content. Brooks’ book series is great too, no reason to slander it, been working on them since the start of this semester.

Apart from the mechanics, which may include aspects like understanding the products, markets etc. At the end it boils down to, two key aspects – practice, more specifically deliberate practice and self awareness. Most people tend to focus on extrinsic factors like indicators, set-ups etc.

Numerous tiny gains can quickly snowball into huge rewards, provided a strict exit strategy is established to minimize significant losses. The term “scalping” refers to a trading style where traders take advantage of small price movements in the market. Usually, scalpers will hold their positions for a very short period – anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes. They will then quickly exit their position as soon as they’ve made a small profit.

Strategies that can be deployed for scalping trading

Gamma scalping and people do stop-loss scalping, right? But I would like to just answer this one thing that is scalping for everybody? See what happens is that every one of us has a different personality, a different set of constraints. This may sound very exciting in the beginning, but if you keep doing this day after day, week after week, year after year, you will feel the effect of that stress in your daily life.

Another key factor to execute a position in scalping is by interpreting the Open Interest Data. I used to scalp very actively up until 2017, but later I felt that I could not do it anymore. Now I know that there are a lot of people out there who frown upon scalping.

It involves buying an asset at a lower price and selling high. The key is to find highly liquid assets that promise frequent price changes during the day. Liquidity also ensures that you get the best price when entering or exiting the market.

Scalping Indicator

In India, I know that scalping is not very famous and scalping is not done by a lot of people. One of the trades I stayed for about, I think, what three minutes, and the other one was for about seven or eight minutes. Because I know that this state is not going to last that long. Here I got a very good bounce and the profits at one point of time, they went very well. But again, my reflexes are not very strong when I have to execute these orders. And since I was recording, I had to make sure that I’m recording all these.

It builds your awareness around small movements in the markets while keeping you alert and sharp. Mobile number/Email ID updated with the stock broker. Email and mobile number is mandatory and you must provide the same to your broker for updation in Exchange records. You must immediately take up the matter with Stock Broker/Exchange if you are not receiving the messages from Exchange/ Depositories regularly.

A ” BUY ” signal is generated when the lines cross upwards. If the lines cross down, a ” SELL ” signal is generated. The logic is very simple and the Indicator is very useful.

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